Whatever it Takes…

“An attitude of “whatever is convenient” won’t accomplish much.
An attitude of “whatever it takes” makes you impossible to stop.
– Ralph Marston


     When you are working towards accomplishing your goals always remember that you are only limited by yourself. If you don’t put in the work to get there, then don’t expect to get where you’re trying to get. You have to take on a no holds bar kind of attitude and take a stance that barters no compromise when it comes to achieving your goals. Don’t sell yourself short. If you’re halfway to where you want to get thats great… now keep going! Many times people start working on their dreams and find themselves coming up short because it proves to be too much work or too inconvenient. This is a big mistake to make. Having an attitude of convenience basically opens the road for compromising on accomplishing your goals. Push through!!! It may not be convenient at the moment, but making a short term sacrifice for the good of a long term reward is worth it, believe me.
You should always have your goal at the forefront of your thoughts. It should be the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last thing you think about before you lay your on on your pillow to go to bed. You must be willing to eat, sleep and dream not of getting to your goal, but of already having it. You’re actions should be geared towards doing everything possible to make your thoughts your reality.*

What are you waiting for? We are given one shot to make a go of this life so go for it! ^_^

(*Now I will say this: when I say that you should do whatever it takes, THAT IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM MEANS THAT IT IS ACCEPTABLE TO DO ANYTHING WHICH WOULD CAUSE ANY OTHER PERSON HARM! This is a big NO-NO and you should realize that if you do so in the long run it will come back to you.)


6 thoughts on “Whatever it Takes…

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  2. newagegeetar

    Very inspiring – I do this every day. Even when things are tough or I’m impatient I always try and keep my eye on the prize so to speak. I think Mark Bouris said it best – there’s no secret to success. It comes down to three things: hard work, commitment, purpose. I say these things to myself every day – keeps me focused. Thanks for inspiring me – now off to work hard at the purpose I’ve committed to 🙂


    1. Ms. Roz Post author

      🙂 Thanks for the feedback. All the things I write about in the Positive Vibes section are things that I myself have to remind myself of so its nice hearing that others do too. I think its awesome that you have a daily mantra to keep you focused. It really does make a difference in how you go about your day. Hope you have a wonderful work day! 🙂



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