Always Remember…



There will be times when we find ourselves in a place where we lose hope and frustration leads us to despair at the idea of not being able to be or accomplish what we want…when this happens always remember: It has to be dark for the stars to appear. Take the moments of darkness in your life not as the end of end alls, but as an opportunity to find your star once more. See, we tend to forget that the stars are always out, yet we don’t see them because of the sun’s brightness. So it is that the darkness, in fact, gives way to allow the stars to light a path through the night. Just in the same way it is that we can find ourselves and our way in the darkness. Never forget that things will be as you perceive them to be, meaning that you can chose to sit in the darkness in a hovel of self-pity or you can look up and see the stars and the hope that lies within them…


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