Overthinking Kills Your Happiness



There is nothing that will kill your happiness quicker than overthinking. Now don’t take this to mean that all thinking should cease…for one: it would be impossible to do so; and two: thinking is advisable if you plan on staying alive for long. It is the ‘over’ part that can end up creating problems where none exist. Learn to take things in as they are and if they are good enjoy them as they are without having to puzzle out every little detail…live in there moment. If they are bad, yes take a moment to reflect, but let it be just that…a moment to reflect and then let it go because whether it seems like it or not things won’t stay bad forever and harping on it will only make things worse by getting you stuck in a negative space. The quicker you can pull yourself away from the bad, the quicker you will be able to move into finding a solution. So do yourself a favor and STOP OVERTHINKING!! Trust me it will make a big difference in the levels of happiness you experience!


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