Inspiration Exists…



This is truly one of those quotes that always hits the mark for me when I read it and gets me back on track. It’s simply beautiful in it’s simplicity and truth. If you want to be inspired,  start working on something. It is in the act of trying new and different things that inspiration often strikes like a bolt of lightening. However, if you simply sit sulking hoping that it will simply appear out of thin air…I hate to break it to you but you’ll be waiting for a long time. The Law of Attraction dictates that you attract what you put out. If you are asking for inspiration but your actions don’t reflect it, guess what…it won’t happen! It’s like expecting to win the lottery, but not going out and buying a ticket. So if you’re looking to come up with the next big thing then get on it and start actually hashing out ideas, instead of sitting on the couch waiting for it to fall in your lap!


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