I’m Back!


 It seems like I’ve been gone on an overextended hiatus, but I am back my friends! 🙂  I have been kept busy, or as I like to think of it, I’ve been blessed to be doing what I love: writing and helping others with their blogs and social media. I decided to throw caution to the wind and became a full time writer and opened my own company offering writing services…can you say dream come true!

It truly is a bit mind blowing to me to think that I get paid to do something that I enjoy so much. A year ago, at this time, I could not have imagined myself sitting here even writing this and honestly it is all thanks to this blog. So for those that have stuck it out and for those who have started following: THANK YOU!!! YOU GUYS MAKE IT ALL WORTH IT TO ME!!

  It’s a funny thing, you know,…time that is. Looking back at my journey during the last year, I have come to truly appreciate how much your life can change and how much the way you react can determine whether its good or bad. Even that statement needs to be reevaluated. What I mean is that my life has changed so much that it has finally hit me that its not a matter of good or bad…its all NECESSARY! Everything I went through this past year has brought me to a place that has allowed and prepared me to be ready to receive all the blessings that I am currently so fortunate to be receiving. Life is ups and downs, memories and lessons, but more than anything it is yours to make of it what you will.

  I have been blessed with amazing clients that I truly love working with and amazing people who support my work. I must say that it really is beyond humbling to think that as I type this someone on the other side of the planet is reading what I have written. I thank you all again once more for following and being such a major part of this journey, for although I would still be writing even if it was solely for myself, the fact that you all like to pop by and read my writing makes it so much more worthwhile. I will definitely be more active than I have been and I hope to continue to reach out and inspire others to follow their dreams with every post ^_^



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