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Hello Darlings…

If you guys read my last hair post than you know that I am in that “grow out” phase after doing some serious damage to my hair. For those of you who haven’t read it I suggest you check it out, it’s aptly named “Hair Drama: If it’s not broke…”. Long story short, I had to cut my hair really short…I mean pixie short…check it out:


  Now granted it’s not a bad look, but after a couple of months and some growth, I was missing my long locks. That’s when I decided it was time to get some extensions put in.

   Now believe me when I say I am no stranger to the extension game…in fact I’m pretty confident that I could teach a course solely on the in and outs of weave…call it Weave 101, if you will. As such, I have not only tried various methods, but also experienced various results of differing satisfaction when it comes to weave. This, however would be the first time that I would seek out getting a weave with my hair so short so I was weary about whether or not it would be possible and didn’t want to get my hopes up. Still, with my best friend’s wedding approaching, I found myself with little time to stall and got to it.

   And this my friends is where Instagram can truly be a godsend. I am starting to believe that using Instagram as a means of marketing is almost better that having a website. I found someone who I liked and clicked on their link. It sent me to a site called This site is great because through it you can not only check out the hairstylists work, services and prices, but you can also lock in an appointment. Well the person I was trying to book with was completely booked. Great I thought, what will I do now?

   I decided to look at other hairstylist in my area on and low and behold there was Ms. Meek Wilson. Her page featured some pictures, but then I noticed she had an instagram listed. I checked it out and decided I wanted to have a consult with her to see how viable what I wanted would be. I called her and we set up a consult for the following day. Now I must say, not only did she tell me it was possible, but she also guided me in the right direction as far as where I could purchase great hair that wouldn’t cost me and arm and a leg.

    Since cutting my hair I had left my hair alone and beyond dying it to even out the color I had not done much to it. With the dye fading out, it left me with an ombre effect I was really interested in stepping up with the extensions. Yet, again she let me know it would not be a problem. All she would need was a picture of the color I wanted and of my hair so that she could make sure to blend the color well. With the wedding right around the corner, I also wanted something that would allow me to style my hair without any issues if I had to pick it up. She let me know it would not be a problem and suggested a versatile sew-in, which would allow me to pick up my hair, even in a high ponytail! I loved it!

   Ms. Meek gave this girl her lion’s mane back! She took me from short and cute…1383684_700422473318852_1956408228_n   to long and sultry…

1451527_739921986035567_149786909_n 1505134_761436050550827_443100830_n 1609555_764111043616661_156207107_n

  The color was sincerely perfection. I mean, it literally matched my shade perfectly,I can’t even explain how happy I was with it. It honestly came out better than I could have imagined and for a person that lives for doing colors that says a lot. We went for a versatile, as I stated earlier, with minimal leave out. This was great because it allowed me to pick up my hair without any signs of the tracks. In all honesty, unless I told people or people knew me, they couldn’t tell that I had extensions in at all and that my dears is exactly what you want when you have extensions in.

   Ms. Meek specializes in natural sew-ins and a lot of her clients are, similar to myself, in the process of growing out there hair after damage. As such, she works with you to create a sew in that will give you a natural look and allow your hair to grow without damaging it. Trust me that she is skilled in this area and I have become a faithful client after the results I have seen. After 5 weeks I took down my extensions to allow my hair to breathe and simply because my hair had grown out quite a bit: 2 inches to be exact! You heard me right, 2 inches of hair growth in a little over one month. Now to give you guys an idea of how amazing that is I have to let you know that on a regular basis, even before my hair damage, my hair usually would only grow about half and inch to an inch a month if I was lucky. When I went back this second time for take down I had my hair in for 3 weeks and it had already grown an inch!

   To say that I will be staying on with Ms. Meek is a given! She is amazing at what she does and above all she is passionate about what she does and about making her clients happy. I can honestly say that Meek has been a godsend for my hair! I could not imagine going to anyone else at this point and am proud to have her work her magic on my hair. As if her prowess with sew-ins and color was not enough, she is also amazing at creating custom units. So ladies if your ready for a break from your extensions, but still have occasions in which you’d like you’re long locks you should definitely see her for you custom wig needs. 😉

1544399_292982204186352_974717103_n 1794509_278394958978410_982542993_n

You can follow Ms. Meek on Instagram: @_hairbymeek_

She’s also recently joined our WordPress community so go check her out at: and you can go to to check out her prices and book services. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! 😉


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