Helping Make Christmas Special

It’s Christmas and thanks to the wonderful efforts of all involved, the Chase family was able to enjoy a joyous Christmas with a tree overflowing with gifts. Everyone at the Miami Hypnosis Center, I Am Equilibrium and My Vida Spa are so grateful for the generous outpouring that we received in our efforts to help this family. It was a truly heartwarming experience to not only see, but feel the joy emanating from this wonderful family and all those who came to help in the effort.

On Monday helpers met at The My Vida Spa, located on Sunset Drive, to gather the gifts and canned donations for the family.

  We then proceeded to gather them up so that we could load them up and take it them to the Chase Family’s home. As you can see below, there were quite a bit of gifts!!
1510540_10202705269210746_521774509_n 993479_10202705268970740_547118382_n1525083_10202705268330724_299080336_n1538902_10202705268650732_1727375095_n
 There were actually so many gifts that we had to pack up 2 SUVs to get them all to the home, including canned goods and some delicious cupcakes that were made for the family by a supporter.
1493163_10202705269450752_2112568955_n 1504034_10202705264330624_487291628_n
1012847_10202705268050717_540832157_n 1538795_10202705267490703_1266439693_n1509204_10202705269770760_1326987072_n
 Once everything was loaded up we made our way to the Chase family home and were greeted by others who were there dropping off gifts as well. There was such a sense of warmth and genuine appreciation from both sides: on the one hand from the family for all that was being done for them and on the other from those helping for being allowed to take part in making those children’s Christmas a little happier.
  It was amazing to see how by coming together and through the generosity of people who were moved by this families situation, we were able to put smiles not only on these children’s faces, but also on Alma’s at seeing her grandchildren, who she loves dearly, so happy.
It is truly a blessing to be able to help other’s and especially at a time when so many of us gather with our loved ones and are reminded of how fortunate we really are. Many times we take all that we have for granted not stopping to think that there are so many out there who are dealing with problems a lot bigger than we have to face and on a daily basis. While we didn’t have the ability to help out every single family struggling under a similar situation, we are so thankful that with the help of so many wonderful people we were able to at least help this one family who was so deserving of more than a little ray of Christmas cheer and joy.
 Yet again, a huge thank you for all who helped to spread the word, donated (toys, canned goods, and money) and gave their time. Without all of you, this would not have been possible. Sometimes we think that to make a difference we have to do something big, but we miss an important lesson when we think this way: Though the steps and efforts we make may be small, with time they add up to create something big and powerful. As in this case, the small contributions of many came together to create a big impact on a family’s life. So from myself,  I Am Equilibrium, My Vida Spa,the Miami Hypnosis Center, and of course the Chase family, we send out our sincerest THANK YOU & may your holidays be filled with an abundance of cheer, joy, and love!!!!!

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