Children Committing Animal Cruelty…

For those of you that have been following me, you know that for the most part my posts have to do with positive vibes and inspirational sayings and people. This post, however, will be a little bit different. Today while on FB I came across a video post that some friends had shared. The video is of a girl throwing puppies in a river. It is inconceivable to me that anyone could be so cruel and not have serious problems. This young girl, and believe me I use the term loosely because she certainly does not portray any traits that could be considered human in this video, can be seen callously reaching into a bucket, grabbing out poor little pups, and then flinging them into a river. This is NOT okay! In fact beyond the fact that she is hurting these poor animals, the fact that she is doing so and taking such joy and shows no remorse in doing so is very indicative of a perverted and potentially dangerous mind. It has been noted that  people that grow up to be murders and serial killers very often start off by abusing animals before they move on to hurting other human beings.

**I warn you now this video is quite disturbing and animal lovers in particular may find it to be too much to watch. **

Now before you start the search for this evil puppy flinger, let me just say that after doing some quick research I found out that this video is actually from 2010. I also found out that the young girl in the video was identified shortly after the video had been put up on Youtube as a 12 year old girl from Bosnia and the incident was investigated by police.

In most cases one would think, “Great! She was found and justice was served.” Wrong! Guess again. Although police officials looked into the incident, the girl was never charged and did not undergo any type of punishment. Why you may ask. Well, officials backed away from any charges after an old Bosnian woman gave testimony that she jumped in the river and saved the puppies, even showing pictures of her with the pups. Pointing to the fact that the puppies were fine, police ruled, “no harm, no foul”. While there was suspicion that the “puppies” the woman claimed to save were in fact not the same puppies that were thrown in the video nothing further came from it.

The fact that this video has resurfaced again after 3 years is not surprising. Many times incidents that are captured on video of incidents such as this will resurface after someone comes across it for the first time and they’ll repost it, essentially bringing it back to life. Even though this is an old video though, there are so many things about this incident that scream to the fact that there are things that are seriously wrong with the world.

Let’s face it, the fact that nothing happened to this girl is a problem. The defense that the old woman saved the puppies and there for no harm had been done is one of the weakest excuses I’ve ever heard for not enforcing some type of punishment. First off, I highly doubt that the old lady was able to save all of the puppies, if in fact she even really did save any puppies. Take a moment to consider if instead of puppies it had been small toddlers. What it have been ok if she had done the same thing and the lady had saved the toddlers? No…it would have been considered attempted murder.

Now, some may argue that there is a big difference between killing puppies and killing toddlers, but to that I say this, yet again: The infliction of pain/killing of small animals by children can be a precursor for violent tendencies that if left unchecked will continue to grow and can lead to that child’s eventual departure from animals and lead into the killing of other people. Animals can not speak for themselves and as such make for the “perfect” victims.

What makes this video even worse is the fact that there was someone else there present videotaping who was perfectly fine with what she was doing. This speaks volumes as to what a sad state we are in as a whole when people can just stand by and watch these types of things occurring without the slightest bit of concern. So not only do we have one sick individual in this video, but two. I think it would be really interesting to see where this young lady is now and if she has committed any other acts of violence against animals or people.

This incident should be cause for one to pause and also consider the following: the impact of social media on our lives and the good that can come from it. It was the action taken by the social media community that helped to bring this girl’s identity to authorities. Yet, what good is this when those authorities do not enforce any type of punishment? Even though this video is old, I think it is useful in opening up dialogue on an issue that is important. What do you guys think and how do you feel about this incident and how it was resolved?



6 thoughts on “Children Committing Animal Cruelty…

  1. newagegeetar

    It is truly amazing that someone could be so ruthless and cold as to throw defenseless creatures into a river to die – that in itself is bad enough – but when “authorities” turn a blind eye to such behavior – “no harm no foul” – then we have a problem. The incident was not resolved, not by any means. It’s unchecked incidents like this that show what a sorry state this world is in when it comes to justice. Murder is murder, human, animal or otherwise (in my opinion at least). Sorry for the rant Roz, this kind of shit makes my blood boil.


    1. Ms. Roz Post author

      You have nothing to be sorry about…I completely understand how you feel and agree. That was the reason I decided to write this. It’s mind boggling to me that nothing was done about this and that the incident was taken so lightly by the authorities. Here we had an incident where people who genuinely saw this for the horrifying incident it was banned together to identify and bring this cruel being to justice…an act that makes one believe that the ability to do the right thing still exists out there… and when they achieve it the authorities basically just turned a blind eye…it’s just so screwed up!


      1. newagegeetar

        Exactly. The justice system in this world exists to protect the rich and the rest of creation be dammed. Our laws here in Australia are pathetic at times – not just animal cruelty but generally speaking – over here we let pedophiles walk free after a few years in prison, if you defend yourself against a home invader YOU go to prison and/or suffer a fine, the heaviest penalty I ever heard about for animal cruelty was a $8K fine and community service for letting a bunch of sheep nearly starve and not shearing. That’s our concept of justice. There are people out there who care enough to seek justice, just as there are good cops etc. but you’re right about the authorities – who’s more guilty – the perpetrator or the person who watches and doesn’t take a stand?


  2. Ms. Roz Post author

    Yes Nathan, it truly is astounding how corrupted the concept of justice has become. The justice system is no better here and at times its a wonder at all how people can have any faith in it at all. Every other day brings a new case of police brutality or instances of corruption and people have become so desensitized to the violence around them that most turn a blind eye to what’s happening. Like you said there are good cops, sometimes I just fear there are not enough of them. Its sad really, especially when you have people do the right thing to no avail. You’re right, it truly makes one question just who is worse.



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