People will often speak about happiness as if it is a destination or a tangible thing which they want to, respectively, either reach or possess, yet in reality it is neither. While some may have differing opinions, of which they are fully entitled to, I am of the belief that happiness is something which is to be found within oneself.


You are the creator and driving force of your own happiness

   Much too often we like to lay fault for our lack of happiness on others, but this is merely an excuse for not taking charge of a matter that we are wholly responsible for. It is a lot easier to point the finger at someone else and say they are the problem, but as the saying goes, “when you point a finger at someone, remember there are four pointing right back at you.” The point: you have control over you. If there is something in your life that makes you unhappy, you are the one who has to change it. Do not wait or expect someone to tell you what will make you happy; at the end of the day who knows you better than you.

  Do not depend on your happiness to come from others. Now I feel like I must clarify this. There is nothing wrong with feeling joy and happiness at the success of others or because others are sharing their own happiness. In fact, the sharing of happiness can only help to multiply the already present happiness. However, do not solely rely on someone to create those feelings of happiness for YOU. You should have your own happiness that you are able to share with others whether it be your partner, your friends, or your family. Always keep at the forefront that no one else is responsible for your happiness. When you depend solely on someone else to create your happiness you are robbing yourself of the ability to create a happiness that is fully in tune with your ideals of said happiness. Remember, no two people are alike so your idea of happiness may differ from another persons, so why give them the ‘power’ over yours.

Share your happiness and it will grow.


       Sharing your happiness, with the this in mind, will make for a healthier balance. If you are happy and you are sharing that happiness it will undoubtably be returned to you many times over. Think of it in simple terms: when you smile at someone, it generally causes them to smile back and in turn your smile gets even bigger as do the good feelings that generated the smile in the first place. The same applies to sharing your happiness.



2 thoughts on “Happiness….

  1. newagegeetar

    Wise words. At the end of the day people make choices, and when you choose to be happy then you’re halfway there. Choosing to be happy and knowing what makes you happy and what drives you is the key to a happy existence on this planet. Cheers for sharing 🙂



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