Spewing Hate…. -_-

“Spewing hatred is a lot like pissing into the wind,
Sooner or later it’s going to blow back on you.
– Damien Echols


   Now as I’m not a man, I’ve never had the pleasure, or better yet the displeasure, of having the wind baptize me in a stream of my own waste. You guys, (and by guys here I do mean men) reading this, however, are more than welcome to relate your tales if you have found yourself in such a position in the comment box (no seriously, I would love to know if this can really happen). That being said, I can totally see the point behind this humorous analogy. You get what you give and using the concept of pissing as analogous to spewing hate is actually, for me, quite a good one.

   Just as much as being the recipient of an unwelcome splash of urine to the face would make us feel disgusted and ill, the same can be said if one were to receive a verbal lashing of hate. Its quite an ugly thing to be sure and of little good to anyone and yet, we still see it on a daily basis. It seems to be that people do not understand that not only is it harmful to those they are imposing it upon, but it is also harmful to themselves as well.

   When you go around spewing hate what you are doing is creating a field of negative energy that encircles you. The more hate you spew, the bigger this field becomes until finally everything around you becomes tainted by it. I don’t know about you, but I would imagine it would make for a suffocating type of existence to be constantly weighed down by such heavy negative energy. And yes, negative energy is heavy and quite oppressive. Just take a moment to think about any time you have been filled with hate or anger. Now how did it make you feel? More likely than not you felt weighed down and stifled. Trust me…not a pleasant feeling, so why would you put yourself through that?

   While at the moment that you are spewing hatred you may think you are in your right to do so or have the feeling that you are being vindicated for some wrong that was done to you, or even just feeling better about yourself, here’s a newsflash: It won’t last, because as the wind brings back that stream so will all that negativity return and grow around you until you collapses from the weight of it and are left angry and bitter to wallow in it. Now I don’t know about anyone else, but life’s too short to not enjoy it and it would seem that spewing all that hate is a whole lot of work with no good outcome to show for it in the end.

   Instead of spewing hate it would seem more productive to take that negative energy and convert it into a positive. Whether the hate you’re spewing is directed towards a person, a group, a situation, or life in general… take it and transform it into something that will make you happy because spreading it will only bring back the same towards you. Remove yourself from a state of thinking in terms of hate and learn that it is okay to instead dislike, but even then your dislikes should not be something you focus your attention on. You don’t like something…fine, you don’t have to like everything, but rather than focus on your dislike/hate of something/one place your attention and energy on the things you do like as to invite those positive things into your life, thereby ridding yourself of the hate and negative energy.

     I know it seems easier said then done, but as the saying goes,”Practice makes perfect.” Besides now that you know all the icky effects, why would you want to continue. So next time you’r thinking of spewing hate, just remember: nobody likes catching a tinkle to the face!

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4 thoughts on “Spewing Hate…. -_-

    1. Ms. Roz Post author

      Hi Nathan,
      Thanks so much for checking out my blog. I checked out your music and blog and really enjoyed them as well. I really like the feel of the music, its great for just sitting back and gathering your thoughts before writing. ^_^ Will be on the look out for more of your stuff. Keep up the good work.
      – Roz



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