Instagram MUA Highlight: @Pala_Foxxia

dc85cd3422a311e38d1322000a1fb079_6 In the wonderful world of Instagram, there is definitely no lack of make-up artists pages full of looks and tutorials. Instagram has definitely created a forum on which make-up artists can showcase their expertise and connect with a broader base of clientele and followers in a way they never did before.

    That is just what Julie San Agustin, an LA based make-up artist, with the handle Pala_Foxxia has done. With 1025 posts to date and 400k followers, she has shared countless make-up looks, quite often giving step-by-step shots of the make-up process (particularly in the case of eye make-up). On many occasions she will also list the items she uses to create those looks, as well as the Instagram pages for the companies who produce the items.

    Aside from being a highly skilled make-up artist, it is her sense of humor and her wonderful and kind hearted personality that shines through her pics and short videos, which has led me to make her my first MUA highlight. With great humility and a positive upbeat attitude, she manages to do her best to provide beauty tips for her followers while brushing away negative feedback gracefully. Recently under negative criticism, she posted a photo of herself sans make-up where she addressed comments where people criticized her appearance without make-up.

    Under critique that she was not pretty without make-up she responded:
“I’m not oblivious, I know I’m not the cutest without make up…but through any insecurities I may have with my appearance I know God blessed me with a beautiful heart and a strong and fighting soul and the willingness to genuinely help others…I treat people kindly, do my best to lift them up, pray and put others ahead of me.”

The crazy thing is that even without the make-up she is lovely and her beautiful spirit and personality makes her even more beautiful. Her positivity in the face of criticism is inspiring and her desire to help others is a beautiful thing. So here’s a salute to a talented MUA with an even more beautiful heart…

Unknownimages-1maxresdefaultYou can check out more of Julie’s work at @Pala_Foxxia on Intsagram or watch her tutorials on Youtube at: 

*All pictures are the express property of Ms. Julie San Agustin and have been used only to represent her work.  


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