Positive Thoughts + Positive Action = A Wonderful Reality

  If you have read any of my previous blogs then you know that I am a firm believer in the power and the wonderful effects of positive thought. Your thoughts really do have an effect on your reality. By the same token,  you can have the most positive thoughts in the world, but if you don’t put forth positive actions to compliment them then you’re not going to see much by way of positive change.

  By adding positive actions to your already positive thoughts, you create a reality that is completely in line with the things you want and desire to have in your life. Some thoughts will create the results that you want on their own, but in other instances, action is required to bring your dreams to fruition. Let’s see this in action using a real life hypothetical situation:

  Let’s say you’re a student and you want to excel in one of your classes where you have been lagging. If you set your mind to succeed as opposed to thinking about how badly you’re going to do you give yourself a fair shot at doing well. However, having said that, just thinking about doing well without executing any action is similar to the notion of learning by sleeping with your book under your pillow…not highly likely. Now, If instead of sitting around thinking positive, you were to take the positive actions like: studying, paying better attention in class, taking notes, and becoming more involved in class dialogues, you would be augmenting your positive thoughts and aiding in their actualization.

Another example:

  You’re in need of a job so you’ve decided to focus all of your positive thoughts on this goal. You imagine yourself getting a great job in which you’ll not only be happy, but also feel fulfilled on a daily basis. You wake up and go to bed everyday with the same frame of mind. Kudos, my friend you’re on your way. But wait, while you’ve done all the internal work you haven’t actually gone in search of a job. You haven’t picked up the classifieds, you haven’t checked on any online job sites…you haven’t even started a resume. While I would applaud the thoughts, if you’re not taking action you’re not going to have a dream job just fall out of your lap and into your lap.

  Your efforts are just as important as your thoughts and understanding this is essential to creating the type of reality you desire to have. So remember:



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