DYI Project: Kid’s Room


Fun D.I.Y. Painting Idea For Kids Room
About a year ago, I decided it was time to redecorate my daughter’s room. It seemed it was too plain and with a kid bursting full of personality the room just didn’t seem to fit her at all. So we went to Home Depot, picked out some colors, and got to work. The end product was a day filled with fun and a wall that she still loves. As, such I thought I’d share the wealth. Try it out and let me know how it goes. ^_^


Paint brushes
Sponge brushes
Paint tray
Painter’s tape
Tarp or an old blanket
Ruler (Optional)

Picking out Colors
When picking out colors take into consideration the existing color of the room. In my case, the walls were off-white so I was able to pick from any color scheme I liked. If you have color on your walls other than white, you might want to think about the colors that will work well with it. Also, while I did six different colors, you do not need to do as many or can do more if you choose to. I chose more colors so that they would stand out more. Even if you chose to only do two colors, make sure that the colors differ by at least three shades so that they will create a good contrast.

Protecting floors
Once you have picked out your colors and bought your supplies, make sure you clear the area where you will be painting. Lay down the tarp (or old blanket if you have one) down in the area where you will be painting. As a rule, I like to tape the tarp down so that it doesn’t slide out; this insures that you don’t have any accidental spillage on the floor.

Tape Off Area
Ok, so here is where the fun starts. Now that you have everything set up, start taping of sections of the wall in different geometric shapes. It can be triangles, rectangles, squares, or any other shape you can manage to create using the tape. Don’t be afraid to try something different. I find that this is the part where kids really get to shine because it allows them to take a big part in shaping what the end product will look like.

Let’s Paint!
Now that everything is taped up grab those brushes and get moving! The sponges are great for big areas and they are easy for kids to handle. As you go along make sure that you are alternating the colors, so you never have the same two colors side by side. Once you are done, sit back and wait for the paint to dry. Time will vary depending on the size of the area you did. Once the paint is completely dry, start to slowly remove the tape. The tape should come off leaving you with a strip between shapes wherever you placed the tape.


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