Lost in You….


I thought of you and as I did the words poured forth through my mind unbidden,

yet completely welcomed.

I truly think you do not have the slightest Idea of how thoroughly you affect me.

It is a rare occasion in which I find myself at a loss for words

or stumbling over my words to express myself and yet it takes

but a look at your eyes and I find myself at a loss.

How do I even begin to explain it?

When I look at you I see beyond the exterior…

your eyes carry a depth in which I could happily drown myself in.

There is a tenderness, which calls to the very depths of my soul

and I can’t help but to chase it and crave it.

My heart flutters at your every glance and

stutters at your slightest touch so much so that at times

it takes everything within me to fight the urge to melt within your arms.

You speak of how little I know of you and as true as that may seem,

what I have seen within your eyes is enough to give me cause

to follow my heart in its need to have you in my life.

Yet, at times my mind rebels

and it fears my heart is but a fool to so easily be swayed.

Those moments when my words beg to question you

are my mind’s need to protect my heart,

which would so easily allow itself to be torn asunder

all for the sake of your smile.

Once my heart loves it does so fully

and with an unbridled passion so fierce it could give life to a dying star.

You will never have to question where its devotion lies

and never will there be a moment

when it will allow you to feel anything but loved.

Whether as a lover or the dearest of friends it will never abandon you…

For its already been lost in you. 


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