Just Call Me The Scavenger Master….

If you have kids, then you know how much work goes into throwing them birthday parties. Now, If you have a teenager then you know exactly how much harder it is to put one together that will manage to keep a group of teens entertained. I, however, happen to have a pretty cool kid who likes doing things out of the ordinary. For her 14th birthday she didn’t want some big crazy house party…nope, she wanted a scavenger hunt at the mall.

Yup, you heard me a scavenger hunt. So, it was up to me to pull one together in a matter of days. Not a problem 😉 I gathered my wits and came up with the following guidelines and clues:

Supply List

1 set of pompoms

1 self-adhesive moustache in team color

1 clown nose

1 miniature cowboy hat

1 set of funny glasses

1 megaphone

1 pack of mustache finger tattoos

2 #1 body jewelery stickers

Welcome to the game….

The object of the challenge is to try to get as many points as possible by completing as many tasks as you can in the alloted time. Each team, of two, has been supplied with the items listed above, which will be needed to complete some of the challenges. The body jewelery stickers provided MUST be worn on your face. The challenges will consist of two types: Picture missions and Video challenges. The picture missions will either require you to figure out the location/object you must take a picture with based on the given clues or ask you to take a picture with someone with very specific instructions. In the video challenges you will be using the supplies given and asked to take a video as proof of completion for each challenge.

*Note for each challenge you will need to choose one person to complete the challenge and the other shall take the picture or video. As this is a TEAM mission the challenges must be split up evenly….this means both people have to take turns doing the challenges, you can’t just have one person taking all the pics/vids while the other person does the challenge.

There is a twist….challenges are worth varying points with pic challenges ranging from 1 – 3 points and video challenges at 3 – 5 points depending on the difficulty level of the challenge. This means you have to chose carefully which challenges to take. While vid chalenges are worth more points it may take you longer to try to get them done, so choose your challenges wisely. If you find yourself stuck trying to figure out a clue, you can always send me, the scavenger master, a quick text and I’ll decipher it for you, but choose the clue wisely for you will only get this opportunity once.You will have 2 hours to complete as many of the challenges listed below as you can. And remember my friends….BE BOLD!!!

*As a bonus, any mission with a star next to it may be performed more than once!

Picture Challenges

  • 1 – point: Take a pic in front of this food spot with the name that rhymes.
  • 1 – point: Take a pic in front of this store…far from new and kind of blue
  • 1 – point: One team member must have a pic taken using a shoe for a phone at this shoe store for winners.
  • 1 – point: Find and take a pic with the Ferrari poster in front of this store…its one fierce kitty…
  • 1 – point: Take a funny pic with the mannequins in front of this store…its fruity….
  • 1 – point: Strike your best pose in front of this store…it never ages
  • 1 – point: Take a pic in front of this store dedicated to our city’s champions.
  • 1 – point: Take a pic in front of this bricked wall store where there’s never a shortage of strobe lights and gag souvenirs.
  • 1 – point: Take a pic in front of this accessories store named after an ingredient used in making a cake.
  • 1 – point: Take a pic in front of the store with a white rhino…
  • 2 – points: Take a pic with someone wearing a shirt with your team colors.*
  • 2 – points: Convince an employee at this store to take a pic with you…their store is never cold and its slightly emo….
  • 2 – points: Convince an employee at this store to take a picture with you striking their best fishing pose in a store dedicated to the sport.
  • 3 – points: Using the mustache finger tattoos supplied, you must convince a random shopper to allow you to place your mustached finger on their face and take a picture.*
  • 3 – points: Convince someone to put on a mustache finger tattoo and then place their finger over your nose while your team member takes a picture.*
  • 3 – points: Convince someone to put on the funny glasses provided and then take a picture with you.*

Video Challenges

  • 3 – points: One member of the team must dance around one of the people handing out food samples while they take a sample and then walk away as if nothing happened while the other teammate records it.
  • 3 – points: Put on the clown nose and then convince a passerby to honk your nose while the other team member videotapes it.*
  • 3 – points: Have one member of the team use the megaphone and share an embarrassing secret to passerby’s while the other videotapes.*
  • 4 – points: Convince someone to give your team color a shout out on the megaphone with you while the other team member videotapes it. Ex. “Blue team is #1!!!!” *
  • 4 – points: Convince an employee from this house of denim to put on miniature cowboy hat and give you their best strut with you while the other team member videotapes it.
  • 4 – points: Convince a girl to put on the self-adhesive mustache and in their manliest voice wish Angie a happy birthday with you while the other team member videotapes it.
  • 5 – points: Convince someone to do a birthday cheer for Angie with you using the pom poms provided while the other team member videotapes. *

The group was up for it and was really excited about the free for all that was about to ensue at the mall.



The only hitch we had was that one girl couldn’t make it so guess who had to step in….

photo-2 Yeah…that’s me with a finger tattoo mustache on some random kid’s face…. @_@ -_- the things we do for our kids….. ;P




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